The First Two Weeks

Well, it's hard to believe it, but it has almost been a whole two weeks now that I have been overseas! It has been a full two weeks, filled with good days of exploration and meeting a lot of new people.  When I arrived it was a long weekend with the school being closed, so it was a nice relaxing time with the family and getting used to my new surroundings.  I've already been able to go out on my own some by either walking or utilizing public transportation.  I was a little nervous at first, but after successfully getting to where I need to be I have grown more confident :-)

Last week I started going to school with "Maya".  The kindergarten class only meets on MWF so her first day was Wednesday.  We have only been going to half a day so far, to ease her into the idea of being in a classroom with an interpreter, and being in a structured setting.  Today was her fourth day in class, and it is proving to be challenging.  She is not used to having to sit still, and pay attention.  It's going to be a process of learning how to work with her effectively.  It is so easy to be frustrated, or want to just give in to what she wants, but I know that is not good for her.  One day last week in class after I had tried to get "Maya" to look at me for what felt like the 100th time I could feel myself becoming frustrated.  In that moment YWH just spoke to my heart and said, "Dear Catherine, don't you see that you do the same thing with me?"  It stopped me in my tracks as I realized how I am always so busy in my mind and heart, and how it is so hard for me to be still and listen to Him.  But how gracious He is to be patient with me, and wait.  He waits for me and pursues my wandering heart.  He never stops pursuing in love and patience.  That has been my anthem going into this week.  Being still before the Lord, and also remembering how patient He is with me, so I can be patient as well.   Just as the truth that because He has first loved me, I can now love Him and love others.  


Around Thursday or Friday of last week I really started missing my friends and family back home. While I have internet and I can contact people, it has been hard not being able to have conversations throughout the day and talk about what is going on.  I can text, but the time difference makes conversations quite challenging.  As I missed my 'peeps' back home, I was able to open some sweet cards from them, and every time I have opened one, it has really brightened my day! Also in the struggle of missing friends, the Father has been reminding me that I am not alone.  That His presence lives within me, and He desires to have those conversations with Him.  Nothing is too small or trivial to talk with Him about, and I'm thankful to be learning that and applying it.  

In other exciting news, I was able to go to a local Deaf event here!  There was a locally made movie, that was translated into the local sign language for the Deaf community.  There were SO many people there!  It was so neat to see a huge theater full of hands moving!  But it was also intimidating to not understand what they were saying!  I was able to sign with a couple of Deaf people who sat near to me.  Our communication was limited, but it was a nice interaction.  I'm excited about finding out more about the local Deaf community and making new friends :-)

pomegranate tree

So, that is all for now.  Please ask the Father that He would calm both mine and "Maya's" hearts and that we would get into a good routine with school.  Also please ask Him to help me meet more local Deaf people.  I have seen a lot of interest from hearing people to want to learn and start work among the Deaf, but I know that need must come from the community.  I am anxious to find someone who I can do language learning with so that I will soon be able to communicate with them!  The last thing I will leave you with is a picture I took of a tree out in the yard where I am living.  It's SO cool to just be able to go pick a pomegranate and eat it with a meal!   

catherine shorrock